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Everest established in 2001, is Taiwan's most professional LCD projector manufacturer. Everest is a subsidiary of K-Laser group. The mother company is the largest laser anti-counterfeit materials company in the world. There is a R & D centers in the United States and many manufacturing factories are all over in China, the United States, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, India, Thailand, Dubai and other regions. Optivision technology is based on the optical film. IMS is the biotechnology field and the main product is endoscopy capsule. Hence the all subsidiaries of K laser group are based on optical technology developments as the core technology of companies.

The goal of Everest is to produce the high -quality LCD projector and utilizes the high quality and high competitiveness strategy to enter the projector niche market. Projector technology includes optical, mechanical, thermal, HW, SW, color and image and so on high-end technologies and combines key components and supply chain system in order to make the projector showing the perfect image so in the initial stage company was based on “technology-oriented” business model.

In order to enlarge the high profit strategy and enhance the value-added products, we are actively developing the first interactive projector in the world in October 2006 to set the leading company of E-learning education. In the meantime we wish to enlarge the technical gap with our competitors. We continue to develop a new generation of interactive projector. Another we try to integrate the audio system and wireless MIC functions to offer the E-learning education full range solutions.

In order to better meet the customer demand from 2016 to change the company’s strategy to “customer demand-oriented” solution proposals and marketing channel development plan to let the high quality products promote to global market.