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Taiwan EXCELLENCE - History


2009 Virtual Interactive Smart Projector(SX-880SP)
Interactive whiteboard function built in the projector allows real-time annotation of projected image. Just install the software onto your computer and simple USB connection. Pen & pointer serve as both writing instruments & computer mouse. The EDI Smart Projector encourages classroom interaction. Also perfect for business meetings, where you can save and email changes to PowerPoint presentations, CAD drawings and Word document, etc. in real time. No interactive whiteboard needed. Take it with you on the road.
2012 Digital wireless speaker system(CH-20W)
We use two hooks combination method to combine the projector with the hanging bracket so it is easy installation and high set up efficiency and save the money. In order to provide the best quality we design the two high efficiency speakers. Although only 2.75” size but 20W stereo power output achieve the maximum instantaneous PMPO=1200W, optimizing speaker material design to provide the full range output. All of the treble and bass sound can show perfect quality.
2013年 Interactive wireless Audio-Video system(BS-W236/CH-20W)
Everest creates a full range of wireless interactive projector system, more integrated digital wireless PA systems, designed to take high-efficiency speakers, just use a 2.75 "speaker size, can have a 20W output performance, volume four times the size up to the same level of product, double-hook button design, and projector hanger combination linked directly to the projector on a construction to save on labor costs. "Digital wireless speaker systems” with speakers, microphone and a wireless receiver, open wireless receiver switch, frequency and frequency-locked automatically, the frequency will not interfere with each other, you can use the microphone and speakers automatically, easy operation and learning. 
2014年 Ultra short throw interactive system(UT-30i)
Taiwan bid market will be cancel the items of interactive whiteboard which is representative "Interactive Projector" has become the market mainstream. However, there is widespread use of interactive projectors there is a little problem such as light (shadows, glare) phenomenon. So a new generation of ultra-short throw projector can also be completely removed this difficulty. Due to the ultra-short projector development costs are too high, so many manufacturers in order to save development costs, will adopt a common product stickers different brands operation. This provides a great opportunity for module manufacturers. Everest makes use of the trend to promote interactive technologies module to be used with any brand of projector. If the interactive technology annual upgrade to new version, users just want to change the module only. The business module is core technology holds in my hands, and can do any brand of business, for consumers ready to be replaced with new technology, it will not cause the entire projection machine requires replacement of the trouble. 

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