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3LCD Laser Projector / 9000 lumens / WUXGA

Installing larger than 250 inch screen size environment in lecture halls, auditoriums and banquet hall, these projectors provide ultra-high brightness output(higher than 9000 lumens), unsurpassed color performance, brilliant video and professional-level installation design to provide you the best choice.
This series pairs with 7 optional lenses with throw ratio from 0.32 (Ultra short throw) to 7.02 (Tele long throw) to easily choose the convenient position to install the large venue projector in the different environment.
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High Brightness, Rich Color and Vivid Images.
Adopting 3LCD technology and laser light source, brightness output reaches to 9K lumen and 100,000:1 contrast. Install this projector indoors in large space to still keep the screen full of rich color performance and vibrant image.
20,000 Hours without change Light Source
Laser light source design can up to 20,000 hours operation time without light source replacement to reduce maintenance effort and give customer user-friendly feeling.
Light source has Boost, Normal, ECO1, ECO2 modes be adjusted by the ambient light to save energy.
Support 4K UHD Input.
Support 4K ultra high-definition input, even larger than 100-inch screen, the picture performance is still clear and bright. Comparing with 1080P the details of 4K is still maintained quality to make sure fine textures when you get up close to surfaces.
360 Degree Projection.
Any tilt-free, roll-free and portrait can be installed at any angle universally. Under the freeform (360-degree) projection the projector can be set up to point up or down depending on the installation environments and can be installed on its side to create a portrait image.
Edge Blending.
The function blends multiple projected images to be one wide screen seamlessly without duplicate images between two screens.
Powerful Geometry Correction.
In addition to the conventional Vertical and Horizontal keystone correction, we still provide 4 Corner keystone, Pincushion, Barrel Correction, 6 Corner Correction and Grid Image for installer to install on spheres, cylinders, and many more non-standard surfaces.
HDBaseT Supported.
In order to facilitate long-distance installation in large venues, use RJ45 network cables (Cat. 5/Cat.6) can transmit 1080p signals up to 100 meters, which is easier to reach than traditional HDMI cables.
3G-SDI Supported (Optional)
The SDI port is suitable for large-scale network video live broadcast and other occasions, and can be used with SDI cameras and other equipment to project the high-definition live video from the projector directly.
Flexible installation and Lens Shift.
*Note: the original Projector without Lens.
A variety of motorized optional lenses with wide range lens shift are suitable for installation in the different spaces to meet the customer needs.
A complete set of manual/motorized optional lenses (7) for this model provide installers with greater installation flexibility and also user with best budget control.
Lens throw ratio range from 0.6 ~ 7.02.
Vertical and horizontal lens shift (+50% or -10% vertically and +/- 20% horizontally) is available.
Multiple Interface and Wired remote Control.
Equipped with a wide range of terminals, such as HDMI× 2, DisplayPort™, HDBaseT™ and 3G-SDI(optional).
When edge blending correction, installers need control different projectors. They can use the wired Remote Control to fast setup and individual control of a specific projector.
*It may slightly different from the real product.
Brightness ( Ansi Lumens ) 9000
Overall Spec
Panel Display Panel 3x0.76”
Display Technology Liquid Crystal Display
Native Resolution WXGA (1920x1200)
Light Source Light Type Laser Diode
Lifetime(H) 20,000 hours
AR Aspect Ratio 16:10 (Standard)/4:3(Compatible)
Noise Noise(dB)@1m Normal: 37dB
ECO1: 29dB
ECO2: 27dB
Projection Lens
OL-EM13ZL TR: 1.46~2.95:1 / Manual Zoom & Focus / F: 1.7~2.37 / f: 24.4~48.6 / 1.6lbs / W: 0.8 kg
OL-EM15ZL TR: 4.59~27.02:1 / Manual Zoom & Focus / F: 2.2~2.7 / f: 76.6~116.5 / 2.2lbs / W: 1.0 kg
OL-EM40ZLM TR: 0.79~1.11:1 / Motorized Zoom & Focus / F: 2.0~2.5 / f: 13.3~18.6 / 3.5lbs / W: 1.6 kg
OL-EM41ZLM TR: 1.30~3.02:1 / Motorized Zoom & Focus / F: 1.7~2.0 / f: 21.8~49.8 / 3.7lbs / W: 1.8 kg
OL-EM43ZLM TR: 2.99~5.93:1 / Motorized Zoom & Focus / F: 2.2~2.6 / f: 49.7~99.8 / 3.7lbs / W: 1.8 kg
Lens Shift V +50% / -10%
H ± 20%
Terminal(I/O port)
Input VGA *1
Audio(mini 3.5mm jack) *1
DVI-D *1
LAN *1(Display)
HDMI 1.4 *2
USB-A *1(5V/1.5A)
USB-B *1(Display)
HDBaseT *1
Output VGA *1
HDMI 1.4 *1
Audio out (mini-jack,3.5mm) *1
Control RS232 *1
LAN(RJ45) *1
USB-B *1(updated)
Wires remote-IN((mini-jack,3.5mm)) *1
Wires remote-OUT(mini-jack,3.5mm)) *1
General Spec
Audio Speaker N/A
Power Consumption Power Requirements 100~240V@ 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 700W@Boost
Standby Mode Power Consumption <0.5W
Temp.&Humidity Operating Temp. 5℃~40℃
Store Temp. -10℃~ 50℃
Security Security Bar Yes
Password protections Yes
Control Panel Lock Yes
Kenginston Lock Yes
Other Functions
Keystone Keystone Correction V:±30° / H:±30° / Pincushion / Barrel Correction / 6 Corner Geometry Correction
OSD Languages 26 languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Swedish, Dutch ,Portugese, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korea, Russian, Arabic, Turkish, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, Indonesian, Hungarian, Czech, Kazak,Vietnamese,Thai, Farsi
Scanning Frequency H-Synch Range 15~100KHz
V-Synch Range 24~85Hz
Display Resolution Computer Signal Input VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA,WXGA,UXGA,4K@30Hz
Video Signal Input PAL, SECAM, NTSC 4.43, PAL-M, PAL-N, 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080p and 1080i
Others Freez / Blank Yes
Power Saving mode Yes
Picture mode Dynamic, Standard, Cinema, Colorboard
Light Source mode BOOST, NORMAL, ECO1, ECO2
Cooling time 0s, 30s, Normal (60s)
High altitude Yes(1400~0m)
Signal Power On Yes
Auto Ceiling Yes
D-Zoom 1 ~33
360° projection (Vertical axis) Yes
Edge Blending Yes
Standard Power Cord, VGA cable, Remote control, Service Card, QSG(for Projector)
MAX Dimensions (WxHxD mm) 600*218*503mm
Net. Weight (KG) 24 Kg

Optional Lens

Lens Type Ultra Short Throw Short Throw Short Throw Standard Standard Long Throw Tele Long Throw
Zoom / Focus Motorized Motorized Motorized Motorized Manual Motorized Manual
Throw Ratio 0.32 0.6 ~ 0.75 0.79 ~ 1.11 1.3 ~ 3.02 1.46 ~ 2.95 2.99 ~ 5.93 4.59 ~ 7.02
Zoom Ratio Fixed x1.25 x1.4 x2.3 x2.0 x2.0 x1.52
F/# 2 1.9-2.1 2.0-2.5 1.7-2.0 1.7-2.37 2.2-2.26 2.2-2.27
Focal length 6.27mm 10.2-12.8mm 13.3-18.6mm 21.8-49.8mm 24.4-48.6mm 49.7-99.8mm 76.6-116.5mm
Screen Size 97" ~ 400" 60" ~ 500" 50" ~500" 50" ~ 500" 40" ~ 500" 50"~ 500" 60" ~ 500"
Weight 3.1kg 2.6kg 1.63kg 1.8kg 0.8kg 1.8kg 1.0kg
Lens Shift V N/A +50% , -10% +50% , -10% +50% , -10% +50% , -10% +50% , -10% +50% , -10%
H N/A ±20% ±20% ±20% ±20% ±20% ±20%