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First Tier in LCD Projector Maker
2001-2005 Everest established in Hsinchu Science Park in 2001 is Taiwan’s most professional LCD projector manufacture. In the initial stage company main target is to produce high-quality LCD projector. The first launch projector using 0.99” panel and 3600lm brightness is the only one high brightness projector outside Japan market. In order to enlarge the market share during 2001 to 2005 continue to develop 0.79”, 0.7”, 0.63” LCB projector and expand brightness range between 2000~4000lm.

In the meantime to expand the product quality and customer satisfaction in 2003 Everest made "service-oriented, insist on quality" concept was awarded the ISO 9000 certification. Keep on improving quality management system to ensure that products meet customer needs. Then in 2008, we obtain the ISO 9001 2008 certification again to set up the high quality projector into another higher milestone.
The Leadership of Interactive Projector
2006-2010 In order to differentiate the projector market Everest began towards the development of interactive systems. It is a very important turning point in October 2006 the No. 1 interactive projector launched to the market. Next year Everest showed the latest and patented interactive projector in 2007 ISE show increasing the product value-added and created a new" Virtual interactive whiteboard" educational application market.

After three generations of sophisticated interaction improved module Everest has become the leader of interactive projector and keep on providing worldwide OEM, ODM customers to the best products and greater efficiency, diversification of customer services.
E-Learning Education Total Solution Provider
2011-2015 In order to widen the gap with competitors Everest developed the digital wireless MIC system in 2012 and announced the new slogan “E-learning education total solution provider” to actively develop the educational market channel in marketing field. More in 2015 to develop the new version of finger touch projector and IP-based PA system with intercom function. In the product line of integration toward smart campus total solution to enhance the company competitiveness.
Customer demand-oriented provider
2016~ In the beginning of 2016, Everest operation direction transfers from “technology-oriented product innovator” to “customer demand-oriented provider” to offer the best solution proposal with the different customers. The situation not only carries out the distribution channel in Taiwan market but expands to USA market with our present partners as well as combines the local partners to extend the China market. We will gather these market experiences to spread to the global market.

In the future Everest will provide the best service to the customers under the global E-learning market growth and strong demands from smart campus solution proposals.